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Wanna get mad? Wanna throw things at the walls? Great, have I got an article for you!

Over on SkeptiXX, Ben Radford (who I swear used to have a brain) takes on Riley, that cute little girl ranting about how all the girl toys are pink and Radford makes himself look like a complete idiot while doing it:

The problem is that Riley is wrong: Girls don’t have to buy princesses, and boys don’t have to buy superheroes. Girls don’t have to buy pink things, and boys don’t have to buy toys that are blue, or any other color. Stores are happy to sell items of whatever color to boy and girls; the only color they care about, especially during these lean economic times, is green. Furthermore, boys and girls don’t buy their own toys and clothes—their parents do. Parents, not kids or marketers, decide what toys to buy their kids.

And it just gets worse from there. I'm not kidding. Lots worse, in my opinion.

I don't really have anything coherent to say that Julia Lavarnaway (below Radford's piece at the link above) and Rebecca Watson don't say better. I'll be over here bashing my head repeatedly against the wall if you need me.


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