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I like A Mighty Girl. It's given me some good clues for what to give my niece for birthdays and Christmas. But their clothing and music recs are sometimes, um...

Here are three t-shirts to give the young girl in your life if you want to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN she is a tease magnet at her school:

I can hear the taunts from here, and I'm 32 now and never wore shirts like those even when I was in primary school.

"Ha ha, $name is KIND and SMART and IMPORTANT!" (said in the snidest tone a seven-year-old can mange.)
"And she's going to be a brain surgeon. Yeah, right. Dream on."

And here's one track that REALLY should not have been listed under "ages: 13/up, themes: independence/individuality":

Tori Amos, 'Girl' (from Little Earthquakes.)
It's a great song from a great album, and a lot of teenagers will LOVE it - have done so since it first came out. But I'm imagining some poor parent or adult friend giving a thirteen-year-old this song in the believe that it's an optimistic song about Being Yourself, and then the song ends with the protagonist being involuntarily committed and then the chorus commenting that maybe one day she will be her own person.
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